Phonics – Early Years

Alphabetic Phonics
for Early Years

Alphabetic Phonics for Early Years children. Homework help with starting to be familar with the sounds of phonics.

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Early phonics

Early phonics teaching can start in nursery to help develop listening skills in preparation for Phonics in Reception. There are many ways to do this.

Listening to sounds

Listening and copying different sounds develops a child listening, vocabulary and speaking skills. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Go for a walk and notice the sounds you can hear.
  • Playing and identifying instruments.
  • Listen to songs with actions.
  • Learning rhymes.
  • Play games such as 'I spy'.
  • Empersise the sounds in words when reading simple word books.
Sound Starters GameSound Starters
Listen to the different sounds, see if you can work out what is making that sound.
Welcome to Zoo GameWelcome to Zoo
Listen the animals coming from the box. Can you work out what animal is making that noise?

When you feel your child is ready you can start them on learning the basic phonic sounds.


Letters: s a t i p n

These letters are learnt first as there are many words you can make with these six letters.

sap sat sin sip sit

tap nap pan pat sat

tap pat sat tin tip pit

pin sin tin tip sip

pan pat pin pip pit

pan nap pin sin tin

Word Flash Cards
Words that can be sounded out using s, a, t, p, i and n

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