Grammar Year 5 & 6

Grammar Year 5 & 6

Grammar Year 5 & 6 KS2. Support for learning grammar in Year 5 & 6. Primary homework help with grammar rules at Primary School Key Stage 2.

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More on Nouns

A noun is an animal, person, place or thing.

Common nouns

Common nouns are used for general things.

bridge, house, road

Proper nouns

Proper nouns are used for a particular person, place or thing.

Tower Bridge, White House, Abbey Road

Common and Proper Nouns
Workout which words are proper nouns or common nouns.

Concrete nouns

Concrete nouns are people and things that exist. You can either see, touch, smell or taste them.

book, apple, rain, waves

Abstract nouns

Abstract nouns refer to things that can not be seen or touched.

love, happiness, silence

Collective nouns

Collective nouns are groups of people or things.

team, flock, crowd

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