Phonics – Reception

Learning Phonics

Each letter has a sound and a action to learn.

PHASE 1: s a t i p n

These letters are learnt first as there are many words you can make with these six letters.

sSsssssSsWeave hand in an s shape like a snake
aa, a, aWiggle fingers as if ants are crawling on your arm
tt, t, tTurn your head from side to side like watching tennis
ii, i, i Wiggle fingers at end of nose like a mouse
pp, p, p Pretend to puff out candles
nnnnnnnnnnnMake a noise like a plane

Words with s a t p i n
Go through these words and learn to read them.
Flash cards with s a t p i n
This set contains the seven words which can be sounded out after learning the first four letters which comprise Set 1 (s, a, t and p).

PHASE 2: c k e h r m d

The second phase of sounds:

c kck, ck, ckRaise hands and snap fingers as if playing castanets
eeh, eh, ehPretend to tap and crack an egg on the side of a pan
hh, h, hHold hand in frount of mouth like panting
rrrrrrrrrrrrr Pretend to be a puppy shaking a rag in it’s teeth
mmmmmmmm Rub tummy and think of yummy food
dd, d, d, dPretend to play the drums

Words with c k e h r m d
Go through these words with c k e h r m d and see what you can read.
Matching GameCastle match game
Match the phonic sounds to the pictures using the letters you’ve learnt already.
Matching GamePick a Picture
Read the words and pick the correct picture that match. Select Phase 2.

PHASE 3: g o u l f b

Third phase of sounds:

gg, g, g, gCircle your hand like water going down a drain
oo, o, o, oPretend to switch the light on and off
uu, u, u, uPretend to put up an umbrella
lllllllllllll Pretend to lick a lollipop
ffffffffff Move hands together like a toy fish deflating
bb, b, b, bPretend to hit a ball with a bat

PHASE 4: ai j oa ie ee/or

Fourth phase of sounds:

aiai, ai, aiCup hand over ear
jj, j, jWobble jelly on a pretend plate
oaoh!Put your hand over your mouth in shock
ieie ie Stand tall and salute
ee oreeyore, eeyore Make donkey ears with your hands

PHASE 5: z w ng v oo

Fith phase of sounds:

zzzzzzzzPretend to be a bee
wwh, wh, whBlow onto your hand like the wind
ngng…Pretend you are a weightlifter lifting a heavy weight
vvvvvvvv Drive a van
oou, oo, u, oo Move head like a cuckoo in a cuckoo clock

PHASE 6: y x ch sh th

Sixth phase of sounds:

yy, y, yPretend to eat a yogurt
xks, ks, ksPretend to take an x-ray of someone with a camera
chch, ch, chMove arms like a train
shshshshshsh Use index finger over lips
thth, th Stick your tongue out

PHASE 7: qu ou oi ue er ar

Seventh phase of sounds:

ququ, qu, quMake a ducks beak with your hand
ouou, ou, ouPretend your finger is a needle and prick your thumb
oioi! Ship ahoy!Cup hands around your mouth
ueyou, you, you Point to people around you
erererer Rolls hands over each other like a mixer
arar, ar, arFlap hands like seal