Year 1

Spelling games for kids

Spelling games

Spelling games for Year 1 KS1 at primary school. Support on reading for kids with Super Brainy Beans. Primary homework help.


Year 1

Spell all 100 common words

Throughout Year 1 & Year 2 children are expected to learn how to spell the first 100 words which are commonly used in reading and writing.

Top TipSome of these do not follow the normal phonic rules and are known as 'tricky' words. Here there is no trick to learning to spell these words they just have to know.

First 100 Words Check List
Print off this check list of the first 100 words your child should learn to spell.
Pirate SpellingPirate Spelling
Help Max teach his parrot new words by choosing or writing the right letters to fill in the gaps. Choose Medium.
Starwords - spellingStarwords
This activity provides practice at sight recognition and spelling of the 200 or so high frequency words by their shape.

Rhyming words

Two words rhyme when they end with the same sound.

star, car
cat, mat

River RhymingRiver Rhyming

Help Max cross the river by choosing the rhyming word. Choose Medium.

What rhymes with...
Write down words that rhyme with the one shown.

Adding 'ing', 'ed',

Add ing to a word to show that something is happening now.

rain + ing = raining
dust + ing = dusting

Add ed to a word to show that it has happened in the past.

push + ed = pushed
open + ed = opened

Spelling Checklist - Words ending with 'ing' and 'ed'
Print off this check list and test your spelling skills.
Words ending with 'ing' and 'ed'
Can you spell these words again adding 'ing' or 'ed'?