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Handwriting Reception

Handwriting worksheets

Handwriting worksheets for Reception learning cursive writing in Primary School. Homework help with handwriting in EYFS. Learn how to hold a pencil write letters and numbers.

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Handwriting in Reception

Here at Super Brainy Beans, we will teach you how to write using cursive handwriting. Learning the cursive style from the start may seem hard but it will become easier when starting to join up letters to make words.

Each letter has a lead in and a lead out. These will eventually be used to link letters together. For now, we will be practising letters on their own.

Straight up and down letters

These letters are easy just up and down.

l i t
Worksheet l Worksheet i Worksheet t

Bounce up letters

These letters all bounce up when the reach the bottom line. Think of your pencil bouncing on a trampoline.

h m n
Worksheet h Worksheet m Worksheet n
p b k
Worksheet p Worksheet b Worksheet k

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