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Handwriting worksheets for Reception learning cursive writing in Primary School. Homework help with handwriting in EYFS. Learn how to hold a pencil write letters and numbers.

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Handwriting in Reception

Here at Super Brainy Beans, we will teach you how to write using cursive handwriting. Learning the cursive style from the start may seem hard but it will become easier when starting to join up letters to make words.

Cursive handwriting is joined up handwriting. Each letter has a lead in and a lead out. These will eventually be used to link letters together. For now, we will be practising letters on their own without joining them up.

Holding a pencil correctly

Learning how to hold a pencil correctly at an early stage can make all the difference to a child's handwriting. Learning to write with a pencil is recommended to start with, moving on to a pen when a child is much older.
Right-handed and left-handed pencil grip


  • Use the tripod grip when holding a pencil.
  • Hold lightly between the thumb and index finger.
  • Paper should be placed to the right and slightly tilted to the left.


  • Use the tripod grip when holding a pencil.
  • Hold lightly between the thumb and index finger resting on the first knuckle of the middle finger.
  • Paper would be placed on the left and slightly titled to the right.
  • Keep hand below the writing line.

How do I know if my child is right or left-handed?

Whether your child is right or left-haned typically becomes apparent around 2 to 3 years old. Pay attention to which hand your child prefers to use for various activities. Note which hand they use to pick up toys, eat with utensils, draw, or throw a ball. When relaxed, observe which hand your child naturally hangs by their side or uses to point.

Some children exhibit mirror image writing in the early stages of learning to write. For example, they may write letters or numbers backwards. This can indicate left-handedness, as left-handed children may find it more natural to mirror movements.

Hand dominance may take time to fully develop, and some children may show ambidextrous tendencies, using both hands equally for different tasks. If you're unsure, observing your child's natural tendencies over time will usually reveal their dominant hand.

Straight up and down letters

These letters are straight up and down.

Lower case l cursive handwritingLower case i cursive handwritingLower case t cursive handwriting
Worksheet lWorksheet iWorksheet t

Bounce up letters

These letters all bounce up when the reach the bottom line. Think of your pencil bouncing on a trampoline.

Lower case h cursive handwritingLower case m cursive handwritingLower case n cursive handwriting
Worksheet hWorksheet mWorksheet n
Lower case p cursive handwritingLower case b cursive handwritingLower case k cursive handwriting
Worksheet pWorksheet b How to write b videoWorksheet k How to write k video
Lower case r cursive handwriting
Worksheet r How to write r video

Change your mind letters

These letters all change direction when they get to the top.

Lower case c cursive handwritingLower case a cursive handwritingLower case d cursive handwriting
Worksheet cWorksheet a How to write a videoWorksheet d How to write d video
Lower case g cursive handwritingLower case q cursive handwritingLower case s cursive handwriting
Worksheet gWorksheet qWorksheet s How to write s video
Lower case f cursive handwriting
Worksheet f How to write f video

Swing under line letters

These letters all swing under the line.

Lower case j cursive handwritingLower case y cursive handwritingLower case f cursive handwriting
Worksheet jWorksheet yWorksheet f
Lower case g cursive handwriting
Worksheet g

Stop at the top letters

These letters all stop at the top.

Lower case o cursive handwritingLower case v cursive handwritingLower case w cursive handwriting
Worksheet oWorksheet vWorksheet w
Lower case r cursive handwriting
Worksheet r How to write r video

Middle letters

These remaining letters are all middle sized letters.

Lower case e cursive handwritingLower case u cursive handwritingLower case x cursive handwriting
Worksheet eWorksheet uWorksheet x How to write x video
Lower case z cursive handwriting
Worksheet z How to write z video

Writing numbers

Learn to write all the numbers. Download our number writing worksheets on our numbers page.

Handwriting practice

Practice your handwriting every day to work at having neater letter form. Either print off our blank guided paper or copy words from your favourite storybook. Or print off our letter practice worksheets and copy the letters.

Handwriting paper with wide lines
Print off your own blank handwriting paper to practice your handwriting.
Sky writerSky writer
Watch a jet form letters in the sky.
Writing repeaterWriting repeater
Write your letters and see them replayed back.
Teach me cursiveTeach me cursive
Cursive handwriting practice. Trace each letter to practice your cursive handwriting.

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