Reading Year 3 & 4

Reading Year 3 & 4

Reading Year 3 & 4 KS2. Support for reading in Year 3 & 4. Primary homework help with learning to read and comprehension at Primary School.

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In Year 3 you should be able to read and understand a variety of different texts.


I Taught My Cat to Clean My Room
A Funny Cat Poem for Kids
by Kenn Nesbitt

I taught my cat to clean my room,
to use a bucket, brush and broom,
to dust my clock and picture frames,
and pick up all my toys and games.

He puts my pants and shirts away,
and makes my bed, and I would say
it seems to me it’s only fair
he puts away my underwear.

In fact, I think he’s got it made.
I’m not as happy with our trade.
He may pick up my shoes and socks,
but I clean out his litterbox.

Copyright ┬® 2009 Kenn Nesbitt
All Rights Reserved

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