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Handwriting Year 4

Handwriting Practice

Handwriting for kids in Year 4 at primary school. English homework help with Super Brainy Beans. Step by step guide to handwriting.

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Year 4

Handwriting check

SEATING POSITION - Are you sitting comfortably? Ideally, your chair and table should be the correct height for you. You should be able to place your feet on the floor and the table should be at about elbow height.

ON THE LINE - Are all your letters sitting on the line?

Sit your letters on the line for neater handwriting. Try sitting with the paper slanted to the right, if you are right-handed, or slanted left if you are left-handed. This will make it easier to keep your letters on the line.

SPACING - Are your letters evenly spaced? What about your words?

Leave enough space for a letter o between your words. See how many o's you can place in between your words.

Top Tip
If your handwriting needs improving in several areas try just changing one thing a week. Concentrate on improving one thing at a time makes it easier to remember.