Phonics – Year 1

Phonic PostcardsPhonic Postcards
Choose the phoneme to fill in the words and complete the sentences in the postcards.
Word BlenderWord Blender
Select the right sounds to make the word.
Poems with the long vowel soundsPoems with the long vowel sounds
Ten colourful, animated poems with voice over
and activities. Poems cover the sounds ‘ee’, ‘ai’, ‘ea’, ‘oa’, ‘ay’, ‘a-e’, ‘oo’, ‘y’, ‘igh’ and ‘i-e’.
Look carefully at the cards to see if they match the long vowel sounds. When you see a pair click Snap! But don’t get Snap happy – if you get it wrong, you lose a point.
Long vowel sounds - Spelling gameLong vowel sounds – Spelling game
Drag a vowel sound into the slot to spell the word correctly. Use the slow/fast slider to increase the challenge.

Rhyming sounds

Create poems with rhyming words with end in these sounds: