The Wizard that couldn’t do magic

Wizard and a dragonThe Wizard that couldn’t do magic by Nayan Kothary, aged 8. A fantasy, magic story.

Once in a little land called Magicokey there lived a boy called Tyzor who was a wizard, but he couldn’t do magic. He always wanted to be like other people in his school but it never happened. He lived in a forest, not an ordinary forest. Every night all his family would gather around the camp fire and would sing songs. Tyzor and his mum and dad lived in a tree. The tree had a big brown hole right in the middle of the trunk.

Tyzor opened his eyes.

“School today” his mother said.

“Coming!” he called. Tyzor didn’t like school because everyone in his school could do magic but he couldn’t. They traveled to school in a huge bike that had four seats, so they all sat down. A few minutes later Tyzor arrived at school very tired of all that peddling so he went inside.

A few hours later Tyzor was getting teased at playtime and he got fed up so he tried to run away. He looked around and he saw an open gate. He ran out as quickly as he could.

Later that day he came to a small city called Flame city. There were loads of dragons. They were all flying all over the city looking very miserable in some way.

Later that day a little dragon called Sparkz came up to him and said “There is a big sea monster in our beach can you help us.”

“I will try my best.”

“You can sleep in my room until the battle,” said Sparkz cheerfully.


The next morning Tyzor was up and ready for the battle he was feeling very nervous but he had to do it for his friend dragon Sparks. A few minutes later Tyzor came out with lots of armour and a sharp sword and a beautiful looking big shield.

It was a long and tiring walk to the beach. They had to sail out to sea to find the scary creature. Suddenly an enormous monster leaped out of the sea CRASH! The ship started to rock. But just then an electric blue streak of lightning came from Tyzors hand and killed the creature. HOORAY! Everybody shouted buy they all looked behind themselves, the village was destroyed. Their heads dropped.

“Cheer up you can come and live in Magicokey” said Tyzor. And from that moment on he never got teased at school.

Nayan Kothary, aged 8

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