Phonics – Reception

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Learning Phonics

Each letter has a sound and a action to learn.

PHASE 1: s a t i p n

These letters are learnt first as there are many words you can make with these six letters.

s SsssssSs Weave hand in an s shape like a snake
a a, a, a Wiggle fingers as if ants are crawling on your arm
t t, t, t Turn your head from side to side like watching tennis
i i, i, i Wiggle fingers at end of nose like a mouse
p p, p, p Pretend to puff out candles
n nnnnnnnnnn Make a noise like a plane

Words with s a t p i n
Go through these words and learn to read them.
Flash cards with s a t p i n
This set contains the seven words which can be sounded out after learning the first four letters which comprise Set 1 (s, a, t and p).

PHASE 2: c k e h r m d

The second phase of sounds:

c k ck, ck, ck Raise hands and snap fingers as if playing castanets
e eh, eh, eh Pretend to tap and crack an egg on the side of a pan
h h, h, h Hold hand in frount of mouth like panting
r rrrrrrrrrrrr Pretend to be a puppy shaking a rag in it’s teeth
m mmmmmmm Rub tummy and think of yummy food
d d, d, d, d Pretend to play the drums

Words with c k e h r m d
Go through these words with c k e h r m d and see what you can read.
Matching GameCastle match game
Match the phonic sounds to the pictures using the letters you’ve learnt already.
Matching GamePick a Picture
Read the words and pick the correct picture that match. Select Phase 2.

PHASE 3: g o u l f b

Third phase of sounds:

g g, g, g, g Circle your hand like water going down a drain
o o, o, o, o Pretend to switch the light on and off
u u, u, u, u Pretend to put up an umbrella
l llllllllllll Pretend to lick a lollipop
f fffffffff Move hands together like a toy fish deflating
b b, b, b, b Pretend to hit a ball with a bat

PHASE 4: ai j oa ie ee/or

Fourth phase of sounds:

ai ai, ai, ai Cup hand over ear
j j, j, j Wobble jelly on a pretend plate
oa oh! Put your hand over your mouth in shock
ie ie ie Stand tall and salute
ee or eeyore, eeyore Make donkey ears with your hands

PHASE 5: z w ng v oo

Fith phase of sounds:

z zzzzzzz Pretend to be a bee
w wh, wh, wh Blow onto your hand like the wind
ng ng… Pretend you are a weightlifter lifting a heavy weight
v vvvvvvv Drive a van
oo u, oo, u, oo Move head like a cuckoo in a cuckoo clock

PHASE 6: y x ch sh th

Sixth phase of sounds:

y y, y, y Pretend to eat a yogurt
x ks, ks, ks Pretend to take an x-ray of someone with a camera
ch ch, ch, ch Move arms like a train
sh shshshshsh Use index finger over lips
th th, th Stick your tongue out

PHASE 7: qu ou oi ue er ar

Seventh phase of sounds:

qu qu, qu, qu Make a ducks beak with your hand
ou ou, ou, ou Pretend your finger is a needle and prick your thumb
oi oi! Ship ahoy! Cup hands around your mouth
ue you, you, you Point to people around you
er ererer Rolls hands over each other like a mixer
ar ar, ar, ar Flap hands like seal