Early Years

Reading for kids

Reading games

Reading games for kids in Early Years at primary school. Support on reading for kids with Super Brainy Beans. Primary homework help.

Start reading early

You can never start reading early enough. Reading to your child at a young age will help them later become good writers. Read regularly with your child before bedtime to help them wind down or even during the day.
Baby Reading

Reading with babies

Reading to your baby will help her development. It helps improve their communication and builds their vocabulary. Not only reading a variety
of books but chatting to your child throughout the day helps develop connections in their brain.

Types of books

Books that have clear, simple pictures and words made out of a board, cloth or plastic are great for babies. They also love simple rhymes and songs.

Reading for children aged 1 to 3 years

Toddlers continue to build on their communication skills by having books read to them.

Create a reading corner where your child can get to their books at any time. Increase the range of books in your child's library by having both story books and books on facts.

Make your own books with photos of friends and family or a holiday you have been on.

Make up stories and act out your favourite stories by dressing up or with toys.

As you are reading point to the words and pictures. Ask your child questions like, "Where is the cat?"

TARGETS Listen with enjoyment and respond to stories, songs and other music rhymes and poems and make up their own stories, songs, rhymes and poems.